A place in the sun of Umbria

In the heart of Umbria ,on the crest of a green hill, nestled in the forest of hardwood and pines of Spoleto , there is the Eremo del Sole ( Hermitage of the Sun ). Completely built in stone and tastefully restored, the country house is an oasis of absolute tranquillity with its astonishing views of the ancient city of Spoleto.Appreciated most by those who want to escape from the stress of today's life and also by those wanting to re-connect with nature, the Eremo del Sole offers a large, uniquely sited swimming pool where one can relax in the sun and enjoy the views.

 For a really breath-taking view you must visit Eremo del Sole (The Sun Hermitage) with its beautiful houses, big orchard, an olive grove of 2,47 a. and 124 acres of forest.From our swimming pool you can see all these places while you are relaxing in the sun. Evocative and comfortable, the lodgings of Eremo del Sole are the ideal solution for a vacation with all the family, and also for couples that want to pass a romantic stay in Umbria.